Thursday, November 19, 2009

Response to Dictionary Challenge


Received from the Greek
     To purify
make sweet infected emotions
trap in consciousness
     tragic drama
     complex fears
     tainted problems
then purge
     slinking down

Thursday, November 5, 2009

A Rare Moment

Sunlit rhythms, wind whistle waltzes;
Bird fethers touching
Mouse-furred dreams.
A honey mead moment
Of sinless blue passion,
Tender wisdom of white-winged waves.

A November Poetic Challenge

Here is an interesting challenge for Sage Cohen's book.  Thought I would throw it out there for anyone interested in giving it a try:

"What dictionary definitions might you improve upon through poetic reinterpretation?  Choose three words from a dictionary: one you admire, one you've never heard  before, and one that has never appealed to you.  Write a poem about each (or about their definitions--my addition).  See where this leads you."

Have fun!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

New Poem

I just received some wonderful/insightful  verbal feedback from a friend on "Night Shadow" and it has spurred me on to post anothe poem.  This poem originated many, many years ago; but I have never been satisfied with it.  I recently put it through a major revision.

Talking Trash

When I yearned to weep,
     you brought me a double espresso.
When my life tilted to one side,
     you brought home sushi and saki.
When I gingerly stepped into insanity,
     you broiled lobster, crabs, clams.

When I clamored to celebrate
     close clouds in winter sky;
When i stopped to savor
     rain slipping through my auburn hair;
When I fancied a twirl, a whirl
     a dance with blustery wind;

You buried me in cigarette butts--
     those stinking crusts of boredom.
You wrapped me so snuggly
     in last month's Seattle Times.
You broke me into ragged pieces
     with your anger's empty ale bottles.


With your "Ricky Rat's Ass" voice on
You summoned the garbage collectors.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Night Shadow

Bats and madwomen
Bats, madwomen and dogs lost from home
Scurry in the small hours.
I cannot sleep. Gently,

     only gently dare I touch
with time-frayed fingers and tremors
that reflection of a shadow
night finds stooping in moonlight,
passing in sorry silence;
that reflection which is you.

Bats, madwomen and dogs lost from home
Bats and madwomen
And you.


On a recent overnight holiday in Newport, Oregon--staying at our favorite place, The Sylvia Beach Hotel--I came upon a book by Sage Cohen Writing The Life Poetic.  Towards the end of this wonderful volume, there is a chapter on blogging.  Ms. Cohen suggests a challenge to oneself to start a poetry blog and commit to "publishing:" a new poem a day.  I have decided to take up this challenge--though a little modified at this time.  I will commit to "publishing" on this blog at least one new poem a week.  I will also publish random thoughts and inspirations.  I invite others to post their poetry if they wish, any feedback (which would be so much appreciated), and inspirations.  All I ask is that we all show mutual consideration and respect.  I do not expect to see anything that is personally damaging to anyone, pornographic or to see solicitations for businesses, etc.  Enjoy this space and share with me the great universal creative energy that is within all of us.  Not all of the poems I post will be considered finished (is a poem ever finished, really?)--and I may post revisions.